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PC tech support is considered as the next growth edge for information technology. With growing technological complexity and dependency on the computers, consumers are looking for great service and value. In the last year alone, about 32 million consumers purchased technical support for consumer technology related products and another 15.4 million consumers bought installation services in the US alone!

When you join our affiliate program you earn aggressive commissions and have many opportunities to further your rewards through our bonus offers. Furthermore, at PiTechSupport we strive to eliminate the hassles associated with home networking and as an affiliate of ours you become an integral part of that process, thus building your credibility and stature with your customers.

  • With the PiTechSupport Affiliate Program you can increase your revenue!
  • Signing up is fast, easy, reliable and secure.
  • Simplified and Incredibly low prices
  • Unlike other programs you earn a high commission on every sale you make.
  • You have the control - you know your site and consumers, so you control where to place the links* to drive as much traffic as possible (and maximize your number of sales).

*Unless instructed in a particular offer

PiTechSupport uses the AvanGate affiliate system to run our affiliate program. To join the PiTechSupport affiliate program, please join AvanGate as an affiliate, and then join our affiliate program.

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Affiliate Bonus Program!

Many affiliate programs claim it, but here at PiTechSupport we deliver what we promise.
The more you sell, the more you earn. View all our plans and corresponding details regarding the plan feature, sales and commission percentage.

Creating a PiTechSupport Affiliate Account is Easy!

PiTechSupport uses the AvanGate affiliate system to run our affiliate program. To join the PiTechSupport affiliate program, please join AvanGate as an affiliate, and then join the PiTechSupport affiliate program.

  • Click here to join the AvanGate affiliate network
  • When you are signing up, there are a few initial forms you need to fill out. The information might seem a bit long, but it allows us to provide you enhanced security and advanced reporting - so you can focus your time on earning commissions and not worrying about all the other processes related to being an affiliate (i.e., timely payments, tracking of commissions, etc.).
  • If you're already a AvanGate affiliate, login to your account - click the Market Place tab and search for PiTechSupport or Cyber Futuristics.

Logging Into Your Account The First Time?

Please follow the steps here .

What does it take?

To help you get started here is a brief overview of the terms and conditions surrounding participation in the PiTechSupport Affiliate Program. For complete details please visit:

Terms & Conditions

Affiliates of PiTechSupport are bound by the terms and conditions of set forth in the Partner Agreement. Please review the agreement before agreeing to said agreements.

Affiliate Approval

Becoming a PiTechSupport affiliate is dependent upon approval by the PiTechSupport Affiliate Manager. Web sites that include and or promote sexually explicit material, violence, illegal activity, and any form of discrimination will automatically be rejected from the program. All other sites are subject to inspection before approval. You will be notified in 5-7 days upon application submission as to your acceptance into the program.


All reporting will take place through the secure AvanGate interface. All questions and concerns about reporting should be directed to the PiTechSupport Affiliate Manager as soon as possible.

Promotional Links

All links to promote the PiTechSupport product will be provided to the affiliates by PiTechSupport. A variety of link styles, from text to graphic will be available to suit as many different affiliates' needs as possible. It is up to the affiliate to keep their links and promotions current in order to maximize their rewards and bonuses.

Still have more questions? Then email our Affiliate Account Manager.